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Website news

We’ve launched an updated Battle Nations site! Have a look around and be sure to check out the FAQs and try out Early Access with our new launcher system.

development news


We’ve adopted PatchKit as our launcher service, giving us the ability to automatically push game updates to you. Now, you only need to download the launcher once from our download page, and it will automatically stay up to date! Currently we have Nitewriter’s final build up so it is a drop in replacement for the legacy download method. If you are currently playing early access, please give the launcher a try to help us validate the system.

UI Development

We’re getting close to parsing and regenerating all original Battle Nations UI definition files. We have some basic proof of concept code in place and will continue making it more robust to handle all cases found in the game files.


We are actively investigating the original animation files and determining the best way we can leverage them in our future builds. After determining the best course of action, we will implement the system in a proof of concept project to help burn down risk.

Server-Client Communication

We are continuing to develop proof of concept code for our server-client communication architecture which will serve as a base for our future work.


Our research effort continues to document the original game as well as look into the original game files for potential pieces of useful data. This has helped drive proof of concept development and will serve a crucial role during the design phase of the project.

Other news

With the launch of the new site, we have also overhauled Patreon to better align with our current trajectory and still provide worthwhile rewards to our Patreon supporters given the switch to open source. We aim to add additional merch once we have worked out the logistics, but the current Patreon rewards are the baseline we will deliver.

6 thoughts on “Website Refresh News”

  1. Thank you for doing this. I loved the original so much. I can’t wait to play this when it arrives on IOS

  2. Ryan Shopa Olsen II

    I am extremely stoked for this release. this game brings back so much nostalgia. constant hours up hours playing this game, constant grind for anything and everything. was a blast and glad the game is making a comeback again.

  3. Thank you guys so much for this!! Seriously I miss this game so much and I’m really thankful you guys are bringing it back!! I’m literally so happy. I really hope this game launches fully again! Thank you, seriously. I didn’t believe it’d be true but it’s back and I’m excited

  4. I’ve always told my friend Battle Nations was the best mobile game, and while I admit I have a bit of rose-tinted glasses (most likely) I’m more than excited!

  5. Awesome that you guys are doing this, i hope it doesnt fall apart like all the other attempts at revival of this game.

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