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After nearly two years, we are excited to finally release the Battle Nations Base Sandbox! Head over to our downloads page to get it now!

What took so long

With the sudden exodus of Nitewriter, the project was left in shambles with no development team and no recent backups of source code. As such, the project was open sourced as a last ditch attempt to revive it. Attempts were made to salvage the final build, however, the additional work necessary to make the salvaged version even barely usable vastly outweighed any benefits of continuing work on that codebase. Furthermore, the original codebase was built on a legacy architecture with non-ideal frameworks for our continued growth and development.

As such, we made the decision to drop support for the build and start fresh. While initially viewed as a step backwards, after months of research, planning, and prototyping, it allowed us to start taking massive leaps forward. This period of time also allowed us to implement development best practices which should make development easier and avoid any future Nitewriter events. What this means for you is smoother releases, faster patches, and a more stable experience overall.

why a sandbox? Where’s the full game?

When developing complex projects, the best way to tackle them is by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Battle Nations is a deceptively complex game behind the scenes, thus we chose to break it down into a base and battle sandbox. These would allow us to focus our efforts in figuring out mechanics and building out the foundation for each of these core pillars of gameplay. Ultimately, we will be able to put our sandboxes together with additional work to implement features like missions to reach the final build. This means that we can master one aspect of gameplay without worrying about other areas to ensure we get it right.

We chose to make the sandboxes the way we did to make some form of a tech demo for our proof of concepts that you can play and add some value that the original game did not offer. Sandboxes offered an ideal platform as the additional features on top of the proof of concept features would not be too time consuming to implement and getting experience with public releases will be invaluable going forward. After this base sandbox, we will be turning our attention to the battle sandbox, then finally the full game.

Phew! That was a lot of words, but we want to make sure we are fully transparent about what is going on with the project.

And for those who don’t like reading (don’t worry I don’t like reading all that much either :D), TLDR: Starting from scratch is hard, sandboxes are fun to play, and we as developers are learning a lot from it.

We really appreciate everyone’s patience and continuous support throughout the development period. It really means a lot to us as devs and we hope that you enjoy the Base Sandbox. Without further ado, we are proud to present the first release of the Battle Nations Base Sandbox!

Release Notes v1.0.0 – June 17, 2022

What’s New

Sandbox Mode

Build your dream base without any resource or level limits! Construct any building in the build menu and as many of each as you’d like.


Access all original maps in the game for viewing and customization.


Toggle buildings between active and inactive states to get just the right look for your base.


Save your base and share it with friends. Show off your work on the Battle Nations Discord server!

Graphics Refresh
GraphicsRefresh 1

All assets were enhanced using AI to upscale the resolution from the original mobile resolution to an acceptable level for desktop. Great care was taken to select the AI models used in upscaling to improve resolution while retaining the original look and feel. Please let us know if you see any textures that have been negatively impacted by this upscaling.

Game Settings

Support for all original languages has been added. Controls for background music and sound effect volumes have also been implemented.

Known Issues

  • It can be hard to click layered objects. Our current system uses rectangular bounding boxes which can cause issues when trying to click objects behind other objects. We will work on a better system, but in the meantime, we recommend moving the object in front out of the way to click objects behind it.
  • The tilemaps appear at low resolution despite having upscaled the textures. We are looking into a fix
  • When moving buildings around at the edges of the map, there can be some inconsistencies between the preview and final destinations of buildings
  • The dropdown menu under map selection has horribly slow scrolling speed due to a Unity bug. Click and drag the scrollbar to quickly navigate the list

Release Notes v1.1.0

What’s New

  • Save now indicates successful saving with a green checkmark
  • Fail to save now pops up a warning message
  • Added ability to place buildings not in the original game’s build menu via a custom building button in the build menu
  • Added graphics settings to switch displays, resolution, and window mode

Hotfix Notes v1.1.1

What’s New

  • Fix issue with duplicate buildings while in build mode
  • Fixes stray build control with no attached building

Hotfix Notes v1.1.2

What’s New

  • Non-square buildings now have their validation tiles rotated with the building
  • Changed footprint of steel mill from 5×4 to 5×5
  • Changed footprint of Plasma Weapons Factory from 5×5 to 6×5

Note: This update includes changes that adjust the sizes of buildings. This may cause buildings to disappear due to overlap. Please make sure to backup your maps before opening them. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Release Notes v1.2.0

What’s New

  • New splash art by the talented Jazz Chiken#6160
  • Better error handling on map load
  • Minor administrative changes for public release

Hotfix Notes v1.2.1

What’s New

  • Fix camera bounds not being preserved on save
  • Fix home base losing out of bounds on save and reload

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  1. keep up the great work 🙂 BN was the game of my childhood and seeing the work done so far is heartwarming

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