Change Log – 3/9/2020

New features:

  • Camera button now makes a sound and displays a message


  • An invalid server message has been removed that was causing an incorrect resource update when assisting
  • Some more units added for required missions
  • Steel quantity now correctly displayed in the resource bar
  • Hospital and repair bay now use unit tags to identify what they can fix
  • Grid problem fixed when enemy units are deployed – was causing empty grid (e.g. first Gantas fight)
  • Layering of encounter and resource bubble icons improved
  • Finally tracked down a fault that caused hospital hurry costs to increase exponentially
  • Blocking now taken into account for line of fire attacks
  • Another source of negative gold tracked down. A previous issue has been the ability to level a building up beyond it’s maximum – this would cause an exception on the server, leaving it out of sync with the client.

Known Issues:

  • Several mission types not yet completed, e.g. Arena defense layout
  • On applicable maps, assistance icons are now visible on some buildings. This is a work-in-progress and they are not fully functional yet.
  • Quite a lot of animations are still missing, they will appear in time.


New road tiles – these have always been there but as the graphics were not in place the game just ignored them. I added another block of graphics, so now the game is able to place them. This causes a problem with overlap, generally meaning that neither of the occupants of that tile can be moved.

Previous versions of the client will not work with the new server.

Some of the above changes may cause problems with existing accounts.

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