Change Log – 6/3/2020

New features:

  • Ready to promote icon added to popup unit panel.
  • On the login screen, the ‘Other’ button has been implemented so players can now enter a login name & password directly.


  • 3×5 damage patterns improved to prevent hang-ups.
  • Texture corruption caused by resource file size limit; large images now moving to addressable assets.
  • Perkins animation re-added.
  • Negative gold still occuring. Found some conditions whereby encounter and mission rewards were not being registered on the server. This has been remedied.
  • Unit promotion mission should now complete. For players already on the mission, a new upgrade will need to be started and then completed.
  • Levelling rewards now properly applied.
  • Shop/resource collection/project dialogs now updated as building status changes
  • Defensive units added to army when the building is completed in the Outpost.
  • Resources are now only auto collected when there is at least one resource depot
  • Unit repair charges now applied on server
  • Repaired units now returned to active service
  • Game data for Train Grenadier mission altered to be more clear
  • Building tax amount by level now properly calculated
  • Several fixes to hospital dialog and buttons
  • Grenade attack pattern corrected, rocks no longer block the attack
  • 3×3 grid battles fixed for several unit attack patterns
  • Brewery animation fixed
  • New routine created for randomly placed enemy units so that they no longer appear all in the same grid cell.
  • Pass and Retreat buttons now only active during the players turn.
  • Fix applied for the rare occasion where the enemy hit animation gets stuck in a loop and battle progress is halted.
  • Silver Wolves “Frontier Justice” mission fixed
  • Fixed a problem were building state change events would fire multiple times after reopening the outpost map.
  • Several fixes for shops that produce tier 2 resources.

Known Issues:

  • Some types of enemy may occasionally miss when they are firing from out of range. This will be fixed as the enemy strategy code improves.
  • The promotion dialog does not exactly mirror the original version, largely because there are no examples of it on YouTube. This version does, however, do the job and allows the process to be tested.
  • Several mission types not yet completed, e.g. Arena defense layout, PvP, building assists, flower beds etc.
  • On applicable maps, assistance icons are now visible on some buildings. This is a work-in-progress and they are not fully functional yet.
  • Quite a lot of animations are still missing, they will appear in time.

What’s coming next?

  • A smaller update this time, ability research is next on the list, plus a few more animations.


New road tiles – these have always been there but as the graphics were not in place the game just ignored them. I added another block of graphics, so now the game is able to place them. This causes a problem with overlap, generally meaning that neither of the occupants of that tile can be moved.

Previous versions of the client will not work with the new server.

Some of the above changes may cause problems with existing accounts.

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