A: No, in an effort to keep a level playing field for all users and due to the need to frequently push out new builds early access progress will not carry over into the game.

A: You must be a patron of our campaign. Please check out #site-links in the Discord or https://www.patreon.com/battlenationsrewritten.

A: Please make sure you connect your Discord to Patreon follow instructions on the link below

A: No, not yet. 😉

A: PC and Mac – > Android -> iOS (We plan on pushing out the FULL release on the google play store and app store).

A: Not for awhile, but we do have an alpha available for play right now.

A: Unfortunately, we do not have access to the servers that originally contained game data such as user account information. 

A: This is to be determined. It may or may not happen in the future.

A: Yes, the online version of your account can be accessed from mobile or PC

A: Yes, we will try and implement almost everything Battle Nations did.

A: Yes, additionally there will be a conversion system to convert high level materials to nanopods in replace of free ways to get nanopods like Tapjoy.

A: While there is no current date on release, we welcome you to check out our discord or website for written and visual updates on the progress.

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